Epilepsy Epilogue

Living with epilepsy and writing my epilogue about navigating the world between each episode.

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Dog Days of Quarantine

Physical (formerly known as social) distancing is important to keeping yourself safe and healthy. However, it can get lonely, and let’s admit, even downright boring staying at home. We at least have the ability to watch movies, cook, bake, and play games to keep us from going stir crazy. But what about Fido? We must …

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Purple Day and Pandemic 2020

It is scary living with a chronic, uncontrolled illness on a normal day. With the emergence of COVID-19 (coronavirus), it is easy to feel incapacitated. The need to put your health care first, especially when you have loved ones that need care also, can be difficult. This conundrum has put me in a tough situation.  …

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Hello World!

This is my first post so bear with me! Nice to see you here! My name is Sāb (like babe but with an S). I have epilepsy with unusual seizure activity. It is uncontrolled and medication resistant. Why did I tell you this, before anything else about me? Because I thought it defined me. Because …

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